About Us | BitCashGlobal


BIT CASH GLOBAL is a global platform that enables customers to convert their bitcoins to cash at a reasonable price or preferred local currency.


Customers can however sell their bitcoins and have money from the sales of the btc sent to their bank account.

Banks don’t support bitcoin but we offer a secure medium of exchange where bitcoins would be exchanged with local currency.





What’s your selling policy?

Step One: Sell your coins using your wallet address

Step Two: Once transaction is successful, upload the screenshot/proof of success to the transaction form provided

Step Three: Upon receipt, a confirmation email will be sent to seller

Step Four: Seller will be paid fast within minutes.



Who can sell on this platform?

We transact with sellers all over the world.




Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 24/7/365.